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COE's Top Gun Competition has been revamped for 2018, with a new challenge for interested competitors to engage in! The format will be similar to a Pinewood Derby, except the cars will not be made of wood - they will be 3D printed!

Participants' cars will be available at the COE 2018 Annual Experience & TechniFair Conference in April!

Racing will take place in the TechniFair at the COrE Booth on Tuesday at 6:15 p.m. Derby races are open to all attendees! Prizes for speed and creativity will be awarded at the evening reception on Tuesday, April 18. Thank you to our 3DDerby sponsor Rize, inc.

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Top Gun XXIX: Cloud Challenge 2016


Winners Announced

First Place:
Steve Roemish, Janicki Industries - Perfect Score

Second Place: Eric Neuville

Third Place: Ben Lucia, Pierce Manufacturing

Prizes included gift cards, complimentary courses at Wichita State University and a two nights stay at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld for the COE 2017 Annual PLM Experience &Technifair, April 23-27, 2017. 

    Top Gun XXIX Model

    Top Gun Model 2016.jpg

    Top Gun XXIX Partners







    Top Gun XXVIII 

    Top Gun 3

    COE Top Gun 2015  Time/strong> Score
    1. Chris Rempe    0:24:27 Perfect Score
    2 Eric Neuville    0:28:20 Perfect Score
    3 Ben Lucia    0:28:49 Perfect Score

    Top Gun XXVIII Model

    Top Gun model