Dave Frank5-Axis CNC Programmer, Aerospace Dynamics

The COE MFG forum is one of the most active forums on the COE website. There are many active discussions on both V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE topics. Take some time to check out the latest topics, comment on ones that you can contribute to, or start a new topic if you have an idea or concern that is not being addressed. This forum is a great resource for helping each other, and binds us together as the COE Manufacturing Community.

COE Manufacturing Community leadership provides a valuable communication avenue:

  • Communicates the desires and concerns from the COE NC Community to Dassault Systems R&D and upper management strategists.
  • Communicates the Vision from the Dassault Systems R&D and upper management strategists back to the COE NC Community

As part of Communicating the desires and concerns of the COE NC Community, we have made it clear that many users plan to continue using V5 and want important functionality to be completed, including Machine Simulation, Multi-pocket Multi-axis Flanking, and other top-ten issues.  These have been communicated to Dassault Systemes R&D, and we look forward to their response and resolution to these issues.

As part of Communicating the Vision from the Dassault Systems R&D and upper management strategists back to the COE NC Community, there are a few posts on the forum with information on manufacturing in the 3DEXPERIENCE:

If this is your first exposure to manufacturing in the 3DEXPERIENCE, you may notice many things you like, and others that may need improvements, or require a change to your design, data management, manufacturing, and NC Programming processes.  Even if your company does not plan to move to the 3DEXPERIENCE soon, there is no harm in looking through the COE forum, educating yourself on the capabilities, and posting your comments so that Dassault Systemes R&D can gather your feedback to consider for further refinement of their software.  This will also help to better prepare you and your company for any future potential move the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

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