COExperience: Perspectives from a Veteran and Relative Newbie


COE: Can you give me some background about yourself and how you became involved with COE?

Jahadi: I have a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and over 39 years of experience in the engineering discipline related to Design, Analysis and CAD/CAM/CAE Engineering and System Integration. I joined LM Aero as an Engineer in 1986 and after six years achieved leadership position as Chief and Supervisor of CAD/CAM Engineering group. I have been the POC for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Partnership with Dassault Systemes. I am also a COE Fellow and have been the President and Chairman of the PDES, Inc. since 2006.

Astheimer: I’m an Assistant Professor of Practice at Purdue University teaching CATIA V5 to undergraduates and industry professionals.


COE: Had you been to COExperience before?

Jahadi: I have been coming since its inception in 1984; I have been fortunate to attend every COE in the last 35 years and only missed one in 2006 when my daughter was born. In addition, I have been on the COE Board and now on the leadership committee and have Co-Chaired the COE Aerospace Workshop in the past.

Astheimer: I was invited to speak at COE three years ago by one of my students (Roger Joyal, who happened to be this year’s COExperience chair!) and have been coming ever since.


COE: What are your overall thoughts of this year’s COExperience?

Jahadi: I gained insight and knowledge about the latest solutions and advancements in the industry. I was glad to see that we were able to add the Leaders’ Summit to the conference. This year COE was a great success. It was great to see the hard work COE and DS have done together moving towards broadening COE’s scope of DS products, and aligning the DS Industry Solutions and development team to provide greater value to our community of experts.

Astheimer: I enjoy going to COExperience because it is a small event where you can have a lot of good conversation. The size of COExperience is a nice because I’m not overwhelmed by too many people and feel like there’s time to connect in a meaningful way.


COE: What was the best educational portion of the conference? Was there a certain track you focused on?

Jahadi: Most of my time was spent in the Leaders’ Summit and I learned about other companies’ business/Digital transformation journey and what challenges they faced and where they saw the opportunities to invest in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and to discuss their success stories.   

Astheimer: I appreciate that COE invites students to present and interact with the industry as well. It’s easy to forget how much knowledge we learn outside of the classroom. The two students we brought had a great experience and have more internship opportunities than they expected. We hope to bring more next year!


COE: What was the best social aspect of the conference?

Jahadi: What I liked about this year’s social aspect of the conference was the way the COE staff had set up the TechniFair in close proximity of the technical sessions and how easy it was to get to the TechniFair during the breaks and to visit the booth to engage with fellow members and explore different products. In addition, I like the Poster Sessions and being able to talk to different students about their poster/projects/school and future career.

Astheimer: The TechniFair during social hour is always the best way to get to know your peers. I’ve meet several good friends from such situations over the years.


COE: Anything else to note about this year’s conference?

Jahadi: Digital Transformation/global collaboration and delivering value should be everyone’s job. Every leader has a role to play in the Digital Transformation and needs to understand and help drive, speed, and maximize value. In addition, interoperability has always been a topic of interest to me.  It was great to see that there is a bidirectional data exchange/interoperability between 3DEXPERIENCE and other PLM systems through PowerBy and OpenPDM.

Astheimer: The timing, for me, was perfect! And, the warm February air in New Orleans compared to the winter chill in the Midwest was a treat!

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