Students and the Academic Community at COExperience

Logan Boyer.jpgThe 2019 COExperience is for more than those who are already working with Dassault Systèmes (DS) solutions. The event, being held February 24 – 27, provides an opportunity for the academic community to enhance the education they are already receiving, network with industry professionals and show their work to potential employers. In collaboration with DS, COE is able to help fund over 70 students to attend COExperience. The opportunities for students include the chance to share their work at a professional conference through the David M. Aber Scholarship Competition, engagement with potential employers and mentors, interaction with fellow students in the industry and much more.

As a sophomore at Purdue University studying virtual product integration, Logan Boyer, will be joining COE for a second year at COExperience due to the positive experience he had in 2018 after being recommended to go by a professor at Purdue.  

“My initial thoughts were of awe, and eventually relief because I was finally meeting and interacting with people who valued what I was learning at Purdue,” Logan explains. “My major is a small program in the Computer Graphics Technology department at the Purdue Polytechnic Institute and I wasn't sure how I could make a career out of it. After attending COE, I had a much greater understanding of my role in the industry and how I could contribute to its growth.” 

Needless to say Logan is looking forward to what this year’s COExperience will bring.

“I’m excited to make more connections, as well as expand upon the material I have been learning in the classroom,” Boyer says. “I think it’s extremely important for students to have a role in COE as they will gain valuable information into the industry as a whole. And considering how these students may work in the industry several years down the line, exposing them early can stimulate interest and help them make a greater impact in their field.” 

In addition to the opportunities for students and COE member employers, schools and professors have an opportunity to attend COExperience to network, discuss happenings within the Dassault Academic community with other professors using their solutions, improve their ability to develop top-notch engineers and technologists for the PLM industry, and more.

Learn more information about students and academic community engagement at COExperience.

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