(MAN) Using Carbon Fiber Composite 3D Printing to create Tooling and Fixtures for Manufacturing

Session Number: 5081
Track: Manufacturing
Sub-Categorization: Manufacturing Processes (MAN)
Session Type: Vendor Solutions Presentation
Primary Presenter: Frank Thomas [PRESIDENT - Adaptive Corporation]
Time: Apr 25, 2017 (01:40 PM - 02:30 PM)
Room: Palani A

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Industry: Aerospace & Defense, Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Consumer Goods & Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail, High-Tech, Industrial Equipment, Life Sciences, Marine & Offshore, Transportation & Mobility
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Session Description:  New 3D printing technology that creates industrial strength parts suitable for Tooling and Fixturing. Introducing a new 3D Carbon Fiber Composite Printer that can revolutionize the way we create tooling, jigs and fixtures.