(NC) Machining: 3DEXPERIENCE vs V5

Session Number: 5056
Track: Manufacturing
Sub-Categorization: Numerical Control (NC)
Session Type: Product Session
Primary Presenter: NC Kishore, Sr.Expert Portfolio and User Experience [Dassault Systemes]
Co-Presenter 1: Jean-Marc Cauzac [DELMIA Portfolio Senior Technical Specialist - Dassualt Systemes]
Time: Apr 25, 2017 (04:35 PM - 05:25 PM)
Room: Palani A

Conference Hot Topics: V6 - New Technology, Environments and Projects
Community of Interest: DELMIA
Industry: Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Goods & Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail, High-Tech, Industrial Equipment, Transportation & Mobility
Applicable Products: None
What will attendees get out of this presentation?:

Session Description:  This technical session will help identify facts of why machining in 3DEXP is better than in V5.