(INDUSTRY) Democratizing & Managing Simulation via the 3DEXPERIENCE V+R Process Applications

Session Number: 5072
Track: Engineering Analysis & Simulation
Sub-Categorization: Engineering Modeling, Analysis & Optimization (EMAO)
Session Type: Process Session
Primary Presenter: Krista Comstock [Corporate Modeling & Simulation Section Head - Procter & Gamble]
Time: Apr 25, 2017 (04:35 PM - 05:25 PM)
Room: Oceans 10

Conference Hot Topics: V6 - New Technology, Environments and Projects
Community of Interest: Consumer Goods, Develop & Deploy, ENOVIA
Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail
Applicable Products: None
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Session Description:  Modeling and Simulation is a key enabler for driving Procter & Gamble’s superior brands and products. Modeling & Simulation is “growing up” within the development processes. Before, modeling may have provided direction into a final physical experiment which would be documented and used for a decision. Today, simulation is becoming how we learn, as well as that final test from which key decisions are made. This brings with it the responsibility that the data should be retained and documented in similar ways to how physical methods have been captured for reproducibility.

P&G also has a strategy to democratize simulation to non-experts through simplified interfaces and apps. Singularly, these systems have been very costly to create and maintain. A scalable solution is required to make this goal attainable. Any solution for P&G must consider our wide breath of simulation disciplines and global footprint of users and experts. The ability to retrieve and reuse our models requires a federated solution. In our work processes that use CATIA, we are driving toward integrated 3DExperience workflows that integration CATIA designs, FEA simulations and requirements management. In other areas, we are using the V+R Process Applications to develop and deploy our modeling capabilities. In both cases, we are looking to the 3DExperience platform as our modeling system of record.

The journey has centered on a partnership with SIMULIA to meet our Simulation Process & Data Management needs. P&G went through an extensive process of gathering requirements and then partnered with Simulia for these to be delivered within the 15x 3DEXPERIENCE platform. A platform is only half of the solution, driving adoption through culture change & deployment strategies are equally important.

This presentation will focus on the journey P&G has traveling and the successes we are seeing as 15x 3DEXPERIENCE is deployed.