(AEC) Our path from 2D to 3D/2D validation using extensive FTA

Session Number: 5170
Track: Product Definition
Sub-Categorization: Product Design (PD)
Session Type: Product Session
Primary Presenter: Philippe Graveline [ENG - Hydro-Quebec]
Time: Apr 25, 2017 (01:40 PM - 02:30 PM)
Room: Oceans 11

Conference Hot Topics: Engineering and Business Collaboration
Community of Interest: DELMIA
Industry: Aerospace & Defense
Applicable Products: CATIA
What will attendees get out of this presentation?: TBD

Session Description:  3D annotations can do much more then replace complex 2D drawings. Come and see how Hydro-Quebec is using FTA tools to improve the use of 3D and how it impacts 2D generation.