KBE 101: How to Use and Implement Knowledgeware

Session Number: 5132
Track: Infrastructure, Develop, Deploy & Knowledge (IDDK)
Sub-Categorization: Knowledge-based Development (KBD)
Session Type: COE University Training Session
Primary Presenter: Thane Henry Symens [Textron Aviation]
Time: Apr 26, 2017 (03:05 PM - 04:45 PM)
Room: Coral A

Conference Hot Topics: Engineering and Business Collaboration
Community of Interest: All
Industry: Aerospace & Defense, Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Consumer Goods & Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail, Energy, Process and Utilities, Financial & Business Services, High-Tech, Industrial Equipment, Life Sciences, Marine & Offshore, Natural Resources, Transportation & Mobility
Applicable Products: CATIA
What will attendees get out of this presentation?: See Description

Session Description:  Basic functionality of the Knowledge Advisor workbench including rules, checks, reactions, and the knowledge advisor language. Use cases will be explored, namely Power Copies, User Features, and their impact on using standards in engineering applications. The creation of robust models when developing Power Copies and User Features will be covered briefly as well.