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The COE volunteer community is made up of both Product and Process related committees. The primary objectives of the committees are to assure that Dassault Systemes users' needs for educational content are represented in our year-round delivery options and enhanced functionality are properly communicated to the Dassault Systèmes developers via COE's Production Requirements Process.

The COE volunteer community consists of 8 community divisions each led by 1 division manager. Within each division are multiple committees led by committee chair(s). All volunteers serve without compensation. The committees are dedicated to specific aspects of the Dassault Systemes suite of software, its environment, or its application on a year round basis. They collaborate year-round on-line and meet in person at the COE Annual PLM Conference to provide a forum for specialists to exchange experiences and knowledge, and to discuss production requirements. Each committee is supported in its work by development specialists from Dassault Systèmes who attend and actively participate in the meetings. Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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Engineering, Analysis & Simulation

Industry Solutions

Information Management

Infrastructure, Develop, Deploy & Knowledge


Product Definition

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Open Volunteer Positions

COE is expanding it's volunteer structure to give a greater focus to all of our member industries. If you are interested in volunteering for one of the open positions below, please submit your name here!

Community Included Committees
Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain
Structure Engineering
Composite Componenets
Sheet Metal Components
Architechture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Facade Design
Civil Design
4D Virtual Construction
Consumer Packaged Goods Packaging Concept/Design
Retailer Collaboration
Mfg Operations
High Tech Traceable Requirements
Environmental Regulatory Compliance
Semi Conductor Collaborative Design
Product Testing
Industrial Equipment Synchronized Fluidic Design
Sychronized Multidiscipline Behavior
Mold & Tooling Source
Life Sciences Therapeutics Efficacy & Safety
Single Simulation Source
Synchronized Control Software
Transportation & Mobility Product Performance Validation
Experience Concept
Prototype Management
Powertrain Engineering 
Manufacturing Process - Manufacturing Processes (MAN)
Process - Manufacturing Execution
Process - Quality
Product - Digital Manufacturing (DMFG)
Product - Digital Numerical Control (DNC)
Product - Apriso
Infrastructure, Develop, Deploy and Knowledge Process - Develop and Deploy (D&D) 
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COE Shareware Library
Product Definition  Product- Structures
Product - Shape Design and Styling (SDS)


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