For Dassault, 3D Sketch Is a Natural


For Dassault, 3D Sketch Is a Natural
Design News (12/11) Stackpole, Beth

Dassault Systemes' latest addition to its CAD and PLM suite, CATIA Natural Sketch, is designed to help industrial designers in the fast-tracking of two-dimensional (2D) concepts into three-dimensional (3D) models in a manner that emulates paper sketching. CATIA officials say the tool allows users to work with 2D paint gestures and movements similar to sketching on paper in an attempt to eliminate emotional obstacles to 3D creation. Dassault says Natural Sketch fits naturally within its lineup, considering that a sketch is always the beginning of the creative design process. With the project's evolution comes the sketch's translation to 3D products such as CAD and industrial design tools to probe the design volumes and proportions. CATIA Natural Sketch is viewed as a stepping-off point where users can more quickly convert 2D ideas into 3D realities as well as investigate details and alternatives via direct sketching on existing 3D models. 3D sketching will help design teams evade any misinterpretation of 2D views and better relay their ideas, although Dassault says the movement from conception to actual design is not as seamless as it may appear.

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