Jaguar Land Rover Transforming Its Business With Version 6


Jaguar Land Rover Transforming Its Business With Version 6
Your-Story (01/18/12) Lerner, Nick

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is working with Dassault Systèmes in deploying Version 6 PLM throughout its extended operations, a move that will deliver engineering, technical, and commercial benefits in sustainability, vehicle development, and business as a whole. JLR Director of Product Development Operations Paul Davies is responsible for leading teams that define JLR's vehicle development process, tooling technology, and project and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technologies for 8,000 people around the world. "The challenge of expanding JLR’s vehicle portfolio into segment-defining products requires strong technical foundations," says Davies. "Our IT history has generated more than 600 islands and silos of JLR legacy data. The majority is not inter-compatible. To flourish in business, all our data must be interoperably integrated and intuitively available to every JLR stakeholder." JLR is working with Dassault to improve innovation and reduce development time by deploying Version 6 in a business transformation program called iPLM. Davies says Version 6 provides a powerful but simple PLM solution to deliver business and engineering value throughout the JLR organization. "Version 6 enfranchises data users and managers with 3D visualizations of all product data and manufacturing operations," says Davies. "Assembly and disassembly routines with legislative parts and vehicle governance data are readily available in manageable formats. The immediate benefit of creating, seeing, experiencing and sharing data in a Version 6 environment is translating into time savings of up to 40 percent for some specific roles in product development." Davies says JLR picked Dassault as a partner not only due to technical and commercial merit, but also because Dassault displays the same level of passion and pride in their business as his company.

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