Recording of the LOTAR Ask the Expert Session Available

The recording of the February 29 Ask the Expert session, LOTAR (LOng Time Archive and Retrieval) presented by Rick Zuray with The Boeing Company is now available in the webinar archives -


Session Abstract:
Regulatory agencies require guaranteed longevity for a variety of digital data objects, (i.e. aircraft type design data, etc.). This type of data must be preserved and be accessible in a usable form during the operational life of the product. Failure to meet this requirement can lead to potential litigation costs associated with being unable to retrieve and use the data.  Preservation and accessibility of design and PDM data is very important for design re-use. It is critical that the data is retained and accessed with appropriate security mechanisms in place. It is important to ensure that the retrieved data is in a usable form.

This presentation will describe an overview and discuss the various working groups and activities being worked to address this growing topic.

Presenter Bio:
Rick Zuray has been with the Boeing Company for 25 years with the majority of those years in the CAD/CAM/CAI and Quality Engineering arena. For the past 16 years Rick has been involved in the long term archival and retrieval of digital product and technical data, product lifecycle management, data exchange methodologies and preserving the integrity of those data entities.

Rick currently is a Technical Principal and co-leads the LOTAR International consortium which is made up of the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) AeroSpace & Defense Industries Association of Europe -Standardization (ASD-Stan), PDES, Inc. and ProSTEP iViP. This working group is writing a series of International Aerospace Standards designed to provide the capability to store, manage, exchange and distribute digital product and technical information, including 3D CAD, Product & Mfg Information (PMI), Composite and PDM/PLM data, in a standard neutral form that can be read and reused throughout its lifecycle, independent of changes in the IT application environment originally used to create it. The multi-part standard covers both the information content and the processes required to ingest, store, administer, manage and access the information.

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