Tips for PLM Success


Tips for PLM Success
Cadalyst (05/12) Lieberman, Michael

Although product lifecycle management (PLM) can streamline the manufacturing process, it also has a reputation for being costly, complicated, and hard to integrate. Ten tips may help businesses adopt PLM more smoothly. First, they should invest a sufficient amount of time, infrastructure, and funds into the implementation. Second, companies that adopt PLM should devote executive support to on-going management to prevent adoption from lagging. Third, a company with new PLM should employ service providers or software vendors to help with implementation. Fourth, PLM plans should include long-term use. Fifth, organizations should give all their necessary departments access to the PLM solution, rather than making the engineering department the sole guardian of PLM. Sixth, the PLM solution should accommodate a firm's existing manufacturing structure and processes, not the other way around. Seventh, a company should budget appropriately for PLM. Eighth, security concerns should not be a barrier to proper PLM functionality. Ninth, technology compatibility should be ensured, which involves management of various components that include servers, firewalls, and PLM software modules. Tenth, companies should audit existing manufacturing and supply-chain practices to find opportunities for collaborative software improvement.

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