Simulation Software Marks its Might in Safety, Testing


Simulation Software Marks its Might in Safety, Testing
Economic Times (India) (05/18/12) Chatterjee, Rituparna

Specialized highway transportation contracting company Perkins digitally designed a large transportation vehicle for moving four steam generators for a nuclear power plant from southern California to Utah. To create the 400-foot-long truck, which had over 192 wheels, designers first used CAD software to create 2D sketches of the transporter, then a 3D model for simulation software. Using these designs, Perkins could simulate every possible accident and optimize its design accordingly. The combination of virtual and real worlds and simulation are normally associated with consumer entertainment, but digital recreation has many more applications in safety and research. The U.S. Navy used simulation software to test aircraft carriers for shocks, and the U.S. National Institute of Science and Technology can use it to develop safer and more effective respirator masks. With simulation, multiple situations also can be addressed at the same time. CIM Data, a consultancy firm focused on product lifecycle management, has estimated that the simulation and analysis software market will surpass $3.1 billion by 2014. Some current challenges to simulation include fidelity in combining technologies and getting the various programs and simulators to communicate with each other, as well as standards in software features.

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