Eco-friendly Development


Eco-friendly Development
Dataquest (04/30/2012)

Compliance to environmental standards is no longer optional but has become a requirement for production companies as well as an increasingly important parameter of choice for customers and end users. Many environmental regulations have been in place for some time, and all manufacturers should be able to prove, at any time, they have complied with rules. This is the case no matter how complex the rules are, how constantly they are evolving, and/or how differently they are applied by country. With a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, adherence to regulations can be 'bolted' directly into the product life cycle. As such, compliance with all specific rules is greatly facilitated; and the risks of non-compliance by any of the contributors involved are reduced without compromising innovation and speed. With this type of solution, it is possible to transform the approach companies use for regulatory compliance: the inspection of products for identification of potential non-compliance becomes an integral element in the life cycle of the product, which then facilitates the development of new products in harmony with multiple directives and requirements. In this way, it is possible to avoid the pursuit of development projects that result in 'green' products in appearance only. It also helps avoid expensive remedies to make products eco-friendly after they have already been designed or after they have entered the manufacturing phase. The environments are also extremely effective in tracing and analyzing material content, concentration of substances, and tolerable quantities. This can be done in the early stages of the design process and for the entire life cycle of the product, which will make immediately clear any inconsistencies in parameters created by change. This is relevant for the production phase, as well, because it is cheaper and more environmentally friendly to ensure that the production process has been designed and developed with respect to all the existing rules.

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