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Session Title: (KBD) Curvilinear Pattern Creation Through a Reaction-Driven Automation API Application
Session Presenter: Eric Bowman; Goodrich Corporate
Date: Tuesday, June 26
Time: 11:00 am EST/ 10:00 am CST


Session Abstract:
Patterns are an efficient way to replicate repetitive geometry. Today's products often require more complexity than the native rectangular or circular pattern can provide. In response I have created a curvilinear pattern powercopy. This powercopy uses reactions to launch a windows executable that regenerates the pattern whenever one of the pattern's controlling parameters is changed. In this session I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a windows application for automation instead of VBA. I will then outline the general structure required to launch an application from CATIA when a parameter is changed using a reaction. Finally, I will explain the specific implementation used to create a curvilinear pattern.


Speaker Bio:
Bowman is currently the design engineer in Goodrich's Aerostructures Design Methods and Standards Group. His duties include writing design and analysis knowledgeware and automation. He holds a Masters Degree from Brigham Young University in mechanical engineering. 



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