Spring Requirements Webinars

It’s time to start submitting for our Spring requirements webinars! Now that the Fall webinars have wrapped up, we are asking you to submit any requirements within your community to be voted upon and presented to Dassault Systemes. We will be hosting these webinars in March to provide enough time for our Dassault representatives to gather proper feedback that will be given at the conference in April. As a reminder, please follow the suggestion below when submitting a requirement onto the tool. 

When you submit a new requirement, include a description of the Requirement, a basic Use Case (i.e. what is the process, how do you do it today, how do you foresee doing it in the future), and an estimate of the impact to your business (i.e. this will save me xx minutes per design, and yy designs per year). If there is an existing work-around, please identify it, and show how that work-around is costing you time and money.   Another good tip is to phrase your requirement in terms of what your overall task is and how you want to streamline it.  Try not to put the solution into the problem statement, as sometimes the developer may have an even better way to answer your requirement than you thought of.

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