Ship Design and Construction Software Solutions

Ship Design and Construction Software Solutions
Maritime Reporter & Engineering News (09/09/2014) Keefe, Patricia

The use of ship design and construction software is transforming the business of ship design from one of drafting tables and reams of paper into one of desktops and tablet computers. The transition has been slow and is ongoing. Joe Carnevale, a senior defense advisor for Shipbuilders Council of America, says that while not all shipbuilders have made the transition to 3D computer-aided drafting and levels of automation vary, CAD is not the standard virtually everywhere, even if it is just being used for 2D drawings. The use of 3D design software has brought all of the usual benefits to the field, making the design process easier and faster, more efficient and standardized. It also makes testing and checking designs as easy as drawing. Alain Houard, vice president of marine and offshore for Dassault Systèmes, says that 3D design software has helped reduce the cost of finished ships, in part because it makes it easier to design them to require less crew. This was seen with the latest designs for U.S. Navy submarines and aircraft carriers, where designers using 3D software were able to significantly reduce the number of sailors required to man the ships, which significantly reduces operational costs over time. Moving forward, ship designers are likely to push for more out of 3D design software, looking for greater mobile integration and greater interoperability. 

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