Crowdsourcing Healthcare

Crowdsourcing Healthcare
Huffington Post (11/12/14) Simon, Phil

In America healthcare accounts for nearly $4 trillion of the country's gross domestic product. But the healthcare system has long been troubled by several major problems such as billions in waste, fraud, inefficiency, and bureaucracy. While no single solution can solve all of those ills, more adoption of data and technology use can result in major improvements. To help spur change Dassault Systèmes recently agreed to a five-year research partnership with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The goal of the Living Heart Project is to treat heart disease by using pacemaker leads and other cardiovascular devices. Additional goals include spurring innovation, improving patient reliability, and reducing costs. To expedite the approval of the devices Dassault is working with the Medical Device Innovation Consortium. The project also includes help from a large number of experts from medical research, industry, and medicine fields. Dassault is also using crowdsourcing to protect individual intellectual property.

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