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Rand 3D
Rand 3D

151 Courtneypark Drive West
Suite 201
Mississaugua, ON L5W 1Y5


Contact Name: Meghan Foster
Contact Phone: (905) 625-2000
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Industries in which you participate:  Aerospace & Defense,
Transportation & Mobility (Automotive),
Consumer Goods & Retail (Furniture, Fashion, etc.),
High Tech (Electrical & Electronics),
AEC (Plant Design/Architecture & Construction),
Shipbuilding (Marine & Offshore),
Industrial Equipment/Fabrication & Assembly,
Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail (F&B, Cosmetics & Healthcare)

Rand 3D offers professional services and software solutions for Dassault Systèmes users.

As a recognized Dassault Systèmes Solutions Partner, we provide software solutions for:

  • 3DVIA
  • PLM Express

Year after year, clients take our classes because our classroom instruction is designed to replicate situations that our clients regularly encounter on the job. By preparing our clients in this way, they return to the workplace with the knowledge needed to get their job done in more efficient and cost-effective ways.

Our training programs are taught by Rand 3D full-time Technical Training Engineers, who are certified in instructional delivery and experts in the software application. It is for this reason that we often refer to our instructor-led training as Expert-Led training, because our classes are led by Subject-Matter Experts. Their focus is on increasing job productivity by applying best usage instruction, not on learning theory.