Engineering, Analysis and Simulation Processes (SIMULIA)

What is the COE Annual Experience & TechniFair?



Keynote Presentations from industry leaders including:

Steve_Levine-lo-res.jpgSteven Levine, Ph.D.

Chief Strategy Officer & Executive Director - Living Heart Project

Dassault Systèmes

  • Pre-Conference Workshops: In-depth workshops on topics such as Topology Optimization Using the Functional Generative Design (GDE) Application, CATIA V5 to 3DEXPERIENCE transition and more
  • Dassault Systèmes certification exams
  • The latest user experience feedback and findings from the 3DEXPERIENCE Discovery Panel
  • COE Forum’s Q+A with Dassault Systèmes executives and industry leaders

What's in it for me?


Become an expert! The COE Annual Experience & TechniFair presents a unique opportunity for customers to hear from fellow experts across the customer, partner and Dassault spectrum. In addition to important industry and product updates, attendees benefit from real world customer case studies, best practices sharing sessions, hands-on training, and the opportunity to engage one-on-one with peers to solve problems and share ideas.

2017 Annual Experience attendees can expect to:

  • Near term enhancements and bug fixes (Simulia, Dymola, Simpack, Kinematics, iSight, fesafe)
  • Strategic enhancements (Simulia, Dymola, Simpack, Kinematics, iSight, fesafe)
  • Systems Engineering topics
  • Standards (FMI, Modelica, etc, .)
  • Kinematics and Multibody Simulation
  • Hydraulics and Controls Simulation
  • Structural Optimization
  • Structural Analysis
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Design Optimization (Topology, Shape, Gauge, Performance, Mechanical Layout, etc…)
  • Simulation Data Management
  • Non-DS Analysis Tool Interface utilizing 3DX (partners and strategy)
  • How to get expert vendor support without the bureaucracy
  • Tech talk for non-technical management
  • Analysis eco system interoperability of DS products
  • Simulation Data Management (Scope, scalability, etc.)
  • Simulation Visualization Results in context for review

Session topics to be covered include:

  • FEA (Linear/Non Linear)
  • FEA for Design Engineers
  • Kinematic/Multibody Simulation
  • Hydraulics and Controls
  • Using Standards Primer (FMI, Modelica, etc, ..)
  • Simulation Data Management
  • Optimization
  • Industry user scenario (real world training example)

Can’t-Miss Engineering, Analysis and Simulation Process Sessions at the 2017 COE Experience & TechniFair

Achieving Sustainable Innovation - Business Challenges in the Age of Digitalization and the Path Forward

The business environment is becoming much more challenging with the fast-developing technologies, especially considering the digitalization of our life in general nowadays. The value of data and information not only needs to be understood but also made part of the overall business strategy for companies. It’s not anymore only a matter of capturing the data and information so it can be re-used but how we use and make the data and information in general available. This is defined through the set of tools used of course on one hand. On the other hand, even more so, processes and behavior play a major role defining a company’s foundational maturity and market position.

Foundational tools and environment, like innovation platforms enabling PLM, SLM, ALM and other areas as enterprise technologies are center-stage in a model-centric and system-focused engineering environment. In this presentation, we will discuss how specific challenges in this new fast-paced environment can be overcome. The role of organizational change, management and culture will be addressed and put into context with trends on the market, like Model-based Enterprise, IoT, Big Data and Cognitive Engineering, and why it is a requirement to enable sustainable innovation.

To Simulate or Flight Test - That is the Question

In depth study of simulation analysis used to validate flight test and thus simulate flight test resulting in reduced number of flight tests and by only performing successful flight tests to validate the simulation.

Democratizing & Managing Simulation via the 3DEXPERIENCE V+R Process Applications

Modeling and Simulation is a key enabler for driving Procter & Gamble’s superior brands and products. Modeling & Simulation is “growing up” within the development processes. Before, modeling may have provided direction into a final physical experiment which would be documented and used for a decision. Today, simulation is becoming how we learn, as well as that final test from which key decisions are made. This brings with it the responsibility that the data should be retained and documented in similar ways to how physical methods have been captured for reproducibility.

P&G also has a strategy to democratize simulation to non-experts through simplified interfaces and apps. Singularly, these systems have been very costly to create and maintain. A scalable solution is required to make this goal attainable. Any solution for P&G must consider our wide breath of simulation disciplines and global footprint of users and experts. The ability to retrieve and reuse our models requires a federated solution. In our work processes that use CATIA, we are driving toward integrated 3DExperience workflows that integration CATIA designs, FEA simulations and requirements management. In other areas, we are using the V+R Process Applications to develop and deploy our modeling capabilities. In both cases, we are looking to the 3DExperience platform as our modeling system of record.

The journey has centered on a partnership with SIMULIA to meet our Simulation Process & Data Management needs. P&G went through an extensive process of gathering requirements and then partnered with Simulia for these to be delivered within the 15x 3DEXPERIENCE platform. A platform is only half of the solution, driving adoption through culture change & deployment strategies are equally important.

This presentation will focus on the journey P&G has traveling and the successes we are seeing as 15x 3DEXPERIENCE is deployed.

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