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Presentation Communities
Some Communities have activities that bridge across multiple functional disciplines. Select the track that supports the community audience that provides the best fit for the presentation content:

Community descriptions are listed below.

Track Descriptions

COE Year-Round Education & Training
The Education & Training Track covers the experiences, best methods, lessons learned, and tools available for teaching how to use the Dassault Suite of Products, both through initial and ongoing training.

Engineering Analysis & Simulation
Breakout sessions included in the EAS track are focused on the processes, methods and tools for modeling and synthesis of engineering systems and for engineering analysis and simulation of products. Typical sessions describe end-user scenarios of how realistic simulations are developed to depict a product's physical behavior including static, dynamic, mechanical and thermal operating-load environments, as well as the performance of ergonomic studies for a product's assembly, operation and maintenance. Techniques that are covered include finite element analysis of structural components, fluid dynamics, kinematics, multi-body dynamics, multi-disciplined optimization of a product's shape, performance, cost and knowledge-based engineering as related to the functional performance of a product. Best practices are shared for virtually simulating and optimizing products by accommodating multiple concurrent, and generally conflicting, operational requirements of a product.

Information Management 

The Information Management track relates to how any type of data (and related information) is stored and utilized in any system by means of processes and/or tools:




Dassault Systèmes Brands/Functions Supported


Information & Data Management

-      PLM data storage, vaulting and sharing process and tools

ENOVIA all versions
File-Based Method
(Any Storage Method)



-      Communication between organizations & suppliers utilizing lightweight files to facilitate business processes


Digital Muck-Up (DMU)
(Collaboration Tools)
(Remote Graphics Technologies)


Data Exchange & Migration

-      PLM / CAD data migration / sharing utilizing Std exchange formats and methods.

Exchange / Migration Tools
Data Exchange Formats
(e.g. STEP, IGES, etc.)


Service After Sale

-      Any processes or tools used to provide OEM support after a product is delivered. (tech docs, data delivery, etc)

3DVIA Composer / CATIA / ENOVIA (Customer Viewing tools)


Model-Based Enterprise

-      Model-Based related processes

-      Required systems/processes to access & store legacy data in support of LOTAR (LOng Term Archiving and Retrieval)

Any Model-Based process,

LOTAR Tools/Methods/Processes
(Any tool/process accessing Legacy Data)

Infrastructure, Develop, Deploy & Knowledge (IDDK)

This new expanded community of practice addresses the installation, configuration, distribution and administration of Dassault Systèmes Applications.  This division also covers the development of applications and tools for the automation tasks within these applications.  This includes the complementary tools and heterogeneous environments that are the reality of our IT infrastructure and program development within our companies.  You will learn techniques for deploying and maintaining Dassault Systèmes Applications: learn about the latest in both client & server hardware and also address the installation, configuration, and distribution of environments.  Product licensing, licensing tools, and license server configuration are also topics of interest to this COE community.  You will also have the opportunity to learn about advances in Knowledge Based Engineering to capture and reuse corporate design, analysis and manufacturing expertise.


New in 2019! COE will be offering special programming for the business leaders of today and tomorrow. Share your knowledge and insights on how business trends and technologies are re-shaping our world.

The Manufacturing track will follow your entire manufacturing processes from concurrent product definition to shop floor graphic work instructions.  This will allow manufacturers in any industry to virtually define, plan, create, monitor and control all production processes.  Our topics focus on solving your challenges, whether it's an implementation on a large scale or generating, simulating, and optimizing tool paths from various domain experts. We will explore these experiences and technologies using Dassault Systèmes Manufacturing Lifecycle Management (MLM).

Product Definition
The Product Definition track covers the software and processes for product development from conceptual design to release. Sessions will address optimizing your design practices to maximize the performance of CATIA and the CAA partner products. Topics include a product development view of optimizing engineering information for a PDM, V5, V6, 3DEXPERIENCE Deployment, and meeting the requirements of the extended enterprise.

  • Additive Engineering & Manufacturing (ADD)
  • Arrangements & Fluid Systemes  (AFS)
  • Composites (CMP)
  • Drafting & MBD (DRA)
  • Electro-Mechanical Engineering (EME)
  • Product Design (PD)
  • Surface Design & Styling (SDS)
  • Solid Part Design & Assy (SDA)
  • Sheetmetal (STL)

Session Types

COE University Training

COE University Training Sessions at the COExperience are hands-on sessions that take place in a computer lab. Attendees of these sessions should learn a new process, procedure or method by executing along with the presenter. These sessions should be interactive with the audience.

Process Session (Customer or Partner-delivered)
Process Sessions at the COExperience are dedicated to sharing user experience through company projects.  These sessions include approach, implementation, results, and lessons learned. The primary objective of these sessions is to provide the business critical information to make your awareness and broaden your perspective for effective implementation of DS Products.

Product Session (Dassault-delivered)
Product Sessions at the COExperience are dedicated to specific DS Products, Functions and Requirements.  The primary objective of these sessions is to provide information on the latest product enhancements and insight into the future product direction. Additionally, discussion between the DS Product Manager and Users on production requirements will be part of these sessions.

Tech Talk
Similar to the popular TED conferences, during a Tech Talk, a presenter delivers a presentation on an idea or solution for up to 15 minutes. Three Tech Talks may be grouped together by the committee to create a full 50-minute session.

Vendor Solutions Presentations
These sessions are for pre-approved sessions only.  Please only submit as such if you have been instructed to do so by COE Headquarters.

Contact speakers@coe.org with any questions regarding speaking at the COExperience