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COE Welcome

Jim Escoe.png Jim Escoe, IT Director, 3DX Program Manager, Procter & Gamble

James Escoe, of Cincinnati Ohio, is the PLM Strategy Leader for Procter & Gamble’s Product Development globally. He also leads global High Performance Computing (HPC), Modeling & Simulation IT Systems, and CAD Systems for Package Development and areas of Product Development. Jim has been a PLM leader in P&G for the last 16 years.

Dassault Systèmes Executive Update

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media/jkpnkmqd.png Bruno Latchague, Senior Executive Vice President, Chairman 3DS Manufacturing Industries Board, Dassault Systèmes

Bruno Latchague has been instrumental in planning and implementing key transformations at Dassault Systèmes in R&D, service and, most recently, sales. While striving to promote an organic approach to change, he builds efficient, dedicated, responsive organizations and teams that can rise to the technological, creative and industrial challenges for which Dassault Systèmes provides solutions.

media/qdfbjlsh.png Erik Swedberg, North America Managing Director, Dassault Systèmes

Erik Swedberg is Dassault Systemes’ Managing Director for North America. Erik’s role is to achieve the company’s revenue goals in the geography by moving the organization to a customer-first model and positioning the 3DEXPERIENCE platform at the center of our relationships with customers, users, partners, and influencers. Prior to his current role, Erik was Dassault Systemes’ Global Account Director for Boeing where he led some of our largest services programs and secured the company’s largest software contract. Most recently, he initiated the Boeing supply chain program working in a client centric model. During his 19 years with Dassault Systèmes, Erik acquired wide-ranging experience in a number of industries in addition to Aerospace and Defense, including High Tech, Automotive, Industrial Equipment, Retail and Life Sciences. Erik builds strong trusted partner relationships and brings a full kit of capability having worked in technical sales, services, business consulting and sales. Erik joined Dassault Systemes in 2006 when Dassault Systemes acquired MatrixOne. At Matrixone, he was the Consulting Services Director and helped many customers bring innovative solutions to solve complex business challenges with global end user impacts. During the transition within Dassault Systemes, he became the Director of Services, responsible for overseeing major business transformation initiatives while managing a team of over 150 business transformation experts for the Aerospace and Defense Industry. In 2009, Erik became the Dassault Systemes Senior Business Transformation Architect. In this the Business Transformation Architect role, Erik was responsible for defining the “to-be” business and solution architectures by connecting the customer business requirements with COTS tools. He joined the Boeing Team in 2012.

Industry Process as a Catalyst for 3DS Brand Success

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media/ywrqpgwx.png Olivier Sappin, CEO, CATIA, Dassault Systèmes

24 years’ expertise in Transportation & Mobility Industry and 3D Design & End to End Virtual Product / Experience Innovation. Since December 2019, CEO of CATIA at DASSAULT SYSTEMES. Olivier Sappin started his career at Dassault Systèmes (3DS) in 1995 in CATIA’s Shape Design Industrialization Team. Sappin then joined 3DS international Automotive Competency Center working with renowned customers like HONDA, FIAT, BMW, CHRYSLER and PSA to help them transform their design practices in the area of car body and styling. Through these experiences, Sappin acquired deep knowledge of the automotive sector and customers’ business processes. In 2011, Sappin was appointed Vice President of the new defined Transportation & Mobility industry, which helps manufacturers and suppliers to develop new mobility experiences for their consumers. Olivier Sappin really enjoy my new challenge to lead and represent the prestigious brand CATIA.

Patient Specific 3D Modeling for Congenital Heart Disease

media/gdczvbgk.png Dr. David Hoganson, Assistant in Cardiac Surgery, Boston Children's Hospital

Dr. Hoganson is an Assistant in Cardiac Surgery, Department of Cardiac Surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital, and is an Instructor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. His clinical focus is on neonates and children with congenital heart disease. He has co-lead development of patient specific 3D modeling and computational flow modeling of complex cardiac disease for improved pre-operative planning and intraoperative guidance. His lab also focuses on development of medical devices to improve the safety and effectiveness of cardiac surgery. Dr. Hoganson has a background in engineering and industry experience developing cardiovascular medical devices prior to medical school. He graduated from the Temple University School of Medicine in 2004 and completed his general surgery residency and CT fellowship at the Washington University in St. Louis, and completed a congenital cardiac surgery fellowship at the Boston Children’s Hospital in 2016.

Transforming the Construction Industry with 3DEXPERIENCE xApps

KOTRONIS Consulting is initiating the Construction Industry Renaissance online through the use of a novel language and new way of communicating made possible by 3DEXPERIENCE on Cloud. Learn how simplifying production and diversifying consumption amongst the value networks is achieved to deliver the built environment with increased harmony.

media/tzgdyypw.png James Kotronis,  Founder and Managing Member, KOTRONIS Consulting

James Kotronis has over 25 years of experience in the direct application of relational parametric tools in the fields of design, architecture, construction and fabrication. His work focuses on improving design performance through the synthesis of design, construction and fabrication thinking across disciplines and stakeholder boundaries.

Simple by Design

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media/qnckbfny.png Mark Czaja, Group Vice President, Technology and Innovation, Motion Systems Group, Parker Hannifin

Mark joined Parker Hannifin’s Motion Systems Group (MSG) as the Group Vice President, Technology and Innovation in August of 2019. He leads the Group’s continued focus on providing customer driven, value added engineering solutions. Mark has been with Parker for over 30 years. Prior to joining MSG, he was Vice President, Technology and Innovation for the Parker Aerospace Group. During his career, Mark has acquired extensive engineering, commercial and leadership skills. He has provided critical R&D and production support to both the commercial and military sectors and has been a key member of the Aerospace Group’s leadership team. Starting as a Product Design Engineer in the Control Systems Division (CSD), Mark took on various operational and technical assignments before being appointed the Division Engineering Director in 2000. In 2004, Mark was promoted to Aerospace VP and was responsible for all Aerospace divisions and Central Engineering. With his teams, he has developed and deployed a suite of engineering tools and standards. He has also led the Group’s focus on Lean Product Development across a number of areas including flight control, hydraulic and fuel systems. Mark holds a Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State University. He is also a certified Professional Engineer and sits on a number of professional and technical advisory boards. Mark’s interests/hobbies: Sailing, Surfing, Hiking and has worked with current and prior America’s Cup teams. Mark and his wife Brenda relocated to Northeast Ohio from Southern California.