Massimo Clerici

    anyone knows which catia v5 version is currently supported by acrobat 3d ?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Hi !
    CATIA V5 R15 Supports For PDF Conversion From Drafting to PDF.

    With Regards
    Massimo Clerici
    Hello, thanks a lot for your quick answer. Did you try to convert some 3d models from r15 to acrobat 3d?
    Do they work ?
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    in adobe pages you can get a 15 day trial (or was it 30... who cares) version of Acrobat 3D, that can create 3D -pdf from <V5 R15 data. I don't know if and when they support newer data.

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    ....playing with this a bit at the moment. Don't suppose anyone has been able to get a V5 simulation into a 3D pdf have they? Basic 3D parts seem to read in quite easily, and the rendering by Acrobat is fantastic. User can Rotate and zoom in, but the next step.... allowing them to simulate the model???.

    some good demos here



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    Probably have to stick with some video capture software for now.

    Why would you want it in a 3d environment anyway? If it is a simulation, you already have what you want to show them and don't want them to mess with it anyway, right?
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    Yes and No.

    Boss wants fancy 3D documentation, and also simple demos to show potential package conflicts.

    I sort of see the point. When we have a potential design problem that we need high level management to quickly escalate and allocate resources to, we can stick a simulation into a pdf, and email the problem round to them all. It doesnt matter that they are 65 years old and have never even started Catia in their life, its a pdf, anybody can use it. Same could be said for a video - but files are generally big, time consuming to make, then the user cant download the right codec and so on.

    Have thrown it away for now (JAVA scripting seems to be the only obvious way), but will keep everyone posted if something comes of it.


    PS: I don't work for Adobe!
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    One thing I noticed about Acrobat 3D at the moment is that it can't really handle large "real world" CATProducts (even a smallish one with 300-400 parts). And it does not understand DLNAME's or search paths, so you have to do a "save as/propagate directory" to get your data into a single folder.

    Other than that, it is alright. I would have liked some measurement tools in the acrobat reader (even basic ones). Maybe when Arobat 3D v8.0 comes out next year, it will be better since v8 will use the new TTF format.
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    I thought measures were possible. On the demo marketing videos on the Adobe website, they show a user interactively making sections in the pdf and taking measures in the Acrobat Reader (7.0 I think). The model is of a landing gear concept, I think originating from V5.


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    Hi folks

    I am starting to look into 3D-PDF
    I looked at the adobe site from the above link, and see the trial.
    less than a grand to buy, reasonable.
    I call the 800 number, and the guy in sales said Catia? What is Catia?
    I asked him if he know what an airplane is.

    How do you create the 3D-PDF once you have the software?
    I am trying to see Functional Tolerancing & Annotation MBD.

    easy? quick? Learning curve?

    Did they ever get the measurement tools in the acrobat reader?

    Does anyone have a simple 3D-PDF with Functional Tolerancing & Annotation MBD I can look at?

    Thank in advance

    Fernando Petre
    [Alan Dick Romania]

    Best way I found to create 3d pdf files is ...DS 3DVIA Composer - a very good software for his purposes....and the result can be "read" in Adobe Reader....
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    Hi Dave,
    I'd be happy to make a sample for you, if you like.
    We're using 3D PDF here, as a viewer, integrated with SmarTeam. It's working out well for us so far. It will view FTA info, and has decent measuring and sectioning tools.

    We're actually using Adobe LiveCycle, their server product, to make the 3D PDF's. I can answer questions about that too...
    Stephane Lestang

    Hi JOBY,


    I'm not Dave but I will be intrused in a sample for testing measuring and sectioning tools.


    I've download some pdf 3D sample but I dont have mesuring and sectioning tools activated in Acrobat reader is that normal ?


    Did the Acrobat reader user can choose freely the section and mesure is there a special licence for that fonctionalities ?



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    test posting, please ignore!
    Royer Jenssen
    [Kongsberg Defence Systems]

    Hi slestang!

    The measuring functionality for the adobe reader must be activated when you create the 3d-pdf in extended. you find it under "advanced"->Extend features in adobe reader.

    Anybody know how/if you can toggle 3d-annotation query in a 3d pdf? When I use Adobe 3D Reviewer, I can toggle "highlight 3d pmi" to view all the elements that are associated to an annotation/tolerance (that I set up with geometry connection management in Catia v5 r18, ft&a 2), but I fail to get this to work in the regular 3d-pdf.

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    Hi everyone,
    Although this is an old thread, I figured I'd give an update.
    The 3D PDF portfolio is now supported by Tetra4D, and it supports CATIA V5 up to R20.
    I don't believe the "3D Annotation Query" is working in 3D PDF yet, although you're not the first person to ask about it.
    You can submit a feature request to Tetra4D here:

    I hope this helps!

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