CATIA Student Software

Ahmed Alam

CATIA Student Software
What is the future of V5CATIA student software? Will it be available to all students in the future? Will the cost stay the same? Will it be upgraded to the P2 version in the future to match the ED-2 software being used in the classrooms? Does anyone else have any questains about student software?

Navin Gupta

CATIA Student Software
(in response to Ahmed Alam)
Hello Mike,

You probably got and email recently from
From what I gather, there are some much needed changes coming for CATIA training and the Student version of CATIA.
Here's a link to a Q & A webpage.
CATIA Student Version Q & A

It looks as though, there may be custom student versions for advanced courses. I'm hoping for the addition of the NC Programming modual. I teach a CATIA NC programming course online and it is a major problem not being able to offer a student version. I realize there are CRACKED versions out there, but I can't advise my students to use them.

Another thing that is going to be huge for us as CATIA instructors, is that Dasault is going to offer students the oportunity to get CATIA certification at a discounted rate.

This is exciting stuff and I hope CATIA educators will get involved with the new web-based CATIA educators communty.