Jan 24

    CATIA for Students Now has NC

    Navin Gupta
    [Infosys Tech Ltd]

    The V5 R17 student version now comes with Prismatic Machining.

    Any student that takes a CATIA course at a HEAT approved college can purchase the student version of CATIA.

    See attached for more info.


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    COE Administrator
    [Admin Group]

    I know you teach NC
    Are there classes for beginners and modelers?
    I have a young friend taking engineering, and want to recomend a course, and a place to get a student virgin of Catia
    Navin Gupta
    [Infosys Tech Ltd]

    Hello Dave,

    El Camino College offers two CATIA courses online.

    CADD31 and MTT11

    CADD31 is Introduction to CATIA

    MTT11 is NC Programming with CATIA

    Since you are in CA, the price is $20 per unit.  CADD31 is two units.  MTT11 is three units.

    These classes are very resonable even for out of state or out of country students.

    Registration is now open and classes are Spring or Fall semesters

    This is my faculty web page - http://www.elcamino.edu/Faculty/rbombassei/index.html

    Feel free to email me for more info - [login to unmask email]

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