Kinematic simulation

Dave Clark

Kinematic simulation

I made myself a simple form where I can simulate a basic kinematic process.

Moving and rotating parts happens with making the contraints variabel.

To run my code :

rename txt to zip > extract

open the catproduct

open visual basic editor and import my "frm" file

run the frm file and press the load button

open de .kin file that is included in my zip archive and start the simulation.

Everything works fine but not so smoothly.

I got a pauze time 1/10 sec but actually catia is doing it's cyclus as fast it can update the product.

Does somebody already experimented with moving parts in catia.

Now I'm editing my constraints updating the part, editing contraints updating part ....

In catia when you put the compass on a part and press the SHIFT key while moving the part

all constraints are automatically updated . This works very fast!

I don't know if somebody has any experience with this in VBA.

PS : We don't have a kinematic module




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Sameer Rm

RE: Kinematic simulation
(in response to Dave Clark)
Hey dave

Can send me the kinematic file with the code to following address

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Victor Avila

RE: Kinematic simulation
(in response to Sameer Rm)

Hi Dave,

The file is corrupted... could you resend it here? and Zip it directly