Richard Perlman
    [Northrop Grumman Newport News]
    My gosh, no activity here since January 2007.  I know Academia is an important facet in getting people involved with companies who use CATIA, ENOVIA, SmarTeam and other DS products.  Seems like we ought to be getting some discussion going here.  Any ideas?
    Dickson Sham
    [Hong Kong Polytechnic Universi]
    is this section designed for students or teachers? i think most of the topics discussed here are a little bit beyond the fundamentals. They may not get the answer from the existing threads. i know many students would post their design on web for appraisal or asking for some comments. However, they won't be the first one. Adding more free tutorial downloads, job offers, internships, tips & hints for beginners, can surely attract them. If more students join, more teachers would join.
    Ilmars Ritins
    [Geometric Limited]
    I agree with everything Dicksham said. I am very new to the field getting my first job with catia about a month ago. I have a lot of things that I would discuss in a forum like this that is focused on the fundamentals. A lot of the quick questions I have seem a little too basic for most of the other groups. They aren't simple things that you can find in the Help file but not at the level of most of the users here. "ie what is the method you use for setting up datums in catdrawings when your working with a dumb solid". Thats what I logged in today looking for.

    Anyhow I think clarifying what the forum is actually for would be a good thing
    Eric Bowman
    [Brigham Young University]
    I'm a CATIA V5 TA at Brigham Young University. If it's appropriate I can direct a lot of students to this forum to start posting questions.

    There are over 100 students every semester. I'm not sure how many of them will actively post, but it could be a lot. Would it be good if I directed a horde of freshman CATIA users to this site?

    I've already directed a few automation students to this site, but they're posting in the CATIA V5 programming section. I'll go ahead and direct some of the more advanced students here. Hopefully it will help this area grow.


    Richard Perlman
    [Northrop Grumman Newport News]

    Hey Carbo -

    The intent of this "Academic Community" area was to naturally to give academic issues a gathering place.  We also see it as an opportunity for students to reach out to potential employers by posting a cover letter and attaching a resume.  Being careful here, as COE's Canons of Conduct prohibit recruiting activity, we feel that it is ok for students to reach out.

    I think technical Q&A related to V5 Programming belong in that discussion area.  However it is feasible that your reply may direct someone to Academia as a resource for smart people and solutions. 

    Hope I understood your question and answered it to your satisfaction.  If not, shout back.

    Jim Strawn
    [Textron Aviation]
    Hey Carbo, give me a direct contact.

    jstrawn at cessna dot textron dot com
    Eric Bowman
    [Brigham Young University]
    Since I'm a CATIA user in academia, I would like to help this academic area grow. I'll start with a few students who are more advanced CATIA users and ask them to post resumes. I've also got a few academic issues that I can post.

    would it be appropriate for potential Masters and PhD students to post research proposals here?

    Is it appropriate for companies to post research opportunities and/or job openings here?
    Richard Perlman
    [Northrop Grumman Newport News]

    Carbo -

    With exception of inviting job postings, I approve all your initiatives.  Thanks for your leadership!

    Christa Ehrstein
    [Textron Aviation]
    Hi Jim!   This is Christa Ehrstein,  I wanted to see how this reply turned out.  so I am testing it with you!
    Timothy Suhr
    [The Boeing Company]
    DS has the Lego NXT Mindstorm part modeled. If they provided the COE Academic Community access tothese models we could have a common set of physical models to show off V6 RFLP capibilities.

    All Times America/New_York

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