Jun 09

    CATIA CAA: Graph Tree Reordering?

    Paul Hamrick

    Does anyone know the CAA class/interface/method to reorder a set of child parts/products in a product structure?  Interactively, this is done with with "Graph Tree Reordering" on the Assembly Desing or Product Structure workbenches.  I've searched the encyclopedia with no success.  The encyclopedia seems to be skimpy on Product Documents in general.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Paul Hamrick
    This is frustrating: in the CAA encyclopedia, if you navigate to

    C++/Java Home > Mechanical Modeler and Sketcher

    you'll find a section called "The Part document" that contains tons of great info for Part Documents, descriptions of the "containters", etc.

    In my case I need some CAA documentation on Product Documents, so I go here:

    C++/Java Home > PPR

    and go to the link called " The Product Structure Model". Unlike the pages for Part Documents, the information provided here is pretty much worthless.

    Anyway, if anyone knows of a better source for information on the nuts-and-bolts of Product Documents (with regard to CAA programming), let me know.
    Paul Hamrick
    Good news: I have confirmed that this is definitely possible in CAA. The trick is you have to go to some "low level" APIs to do it. More specifically, look to the ObjectSpecsModeler framework for the tools you'll need.

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