Speed up Catia export (Catdrawing --> DXF)


Speed up Catia export (Catdrawing --> DXF)


 We had an issue similar to the one in this topic:


- where guys were developing a script to export Catdrawings to DXF + PDF in a batch mode.

I've made my own .net application (it's a module included in the other - main .net application, but that doesn't matter) which does all that (export to dxf and pdf)

The it works is as simple as possible:

1) Catia should be running (it may not, i'll start it then)

2) User selects the list of drawings from the folder

3) clicks start

4) every drawing is opened in catia - exported to pdf then dxf then closed

And this is where the bad things happening. Not bad, but - sllllllllllllooooowwwwwww things

We have quite a big drawings and some of them take time to open, but for some other reasons the DXF export process also takes quite a long time comparing to PDF. Well of course it is more or less understandable, since there is a lot of "mathematics" happening and DXF is a bit more complex then PDF...

But still - the question now is - How can this process be optimized?

 - Is there a tricky way to start catia process in a way that it'll work faster with opening and exporting drawings?

 - If it is stupid to do the export the way described above - which is the better way? Other software? Catia batch export utility? (it doesn't export pdf)

Thank you all in advance!



Xavier Klein

RE: Speed up Catia export (Catdrawing --> DXF)
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To get better performances to convert CATDrawing -> PDF / DXF ,
is to uncheck "Load References Document" CATIA / Tools / options / General / Genaral
(to create the PDF/DXF , you do not need to load the 3D )
Of course , uncheck this option can be "dangerous" if you start an other process

I do not know how to "check/uncheck" option in Automation , so the basic way I do it , is copy the CATSettings Files , and start CATIA

You also can to CATIA Utility to create DXF (quite simple to define)
To create a PDF this is a bit more complicate (no Export PDF available )
solution , to tro configure a "local PDF Printer" and use Print Batch Utility

Rolando Garza

RE: Speed up Catia export (Catdrawing --> DXF)
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I'm not familiar with .NET; but, could you try having your app call a CATScript (through "ExecuteScript" ) to uncheck the option?

'sample CATSCript to turn of "Load refernced documents"

Sub CATMain()

Dim settingControllers1 As SettingControllers
Set settingControllers1 = CATIA.SettingControllers

Dim generalSessionSettingAtt1 As SettingController
Set generalSessionSettingAtt1 = settingControllers1.Item("CATCafGeneralSessionSettingCtrl" )

generalSessionSettingAtt1.RefDoc = False


End Sub


RE: Speed up Catia export (Catdrawing --> DXF)
(in response to Y A)
Thanks for the answers!

Now i'm up for testing and I'll report back on how things went!


RE: Speed up Catia export (Catdrawing --> DXF)
(in response to Y A)

Yes! if you don't need to update the drawings with some changes from 3D - it works faster!! Well it saves you time on loading that is true! So simple and we just missed it)) Thanks!

As for the script - it works in .net too. But i've merged it to two lines:

'Сatia is declared before

CATIA.SettingControllers.Item("CATCafGeneralSessionSettingCtrl").refdoc = False

Thank you for your help!