Jun 01

    2010 Poster Session - Paul DeWys; Ferris State University

    Amy Biedenharn
    [COE Staff*]
    For the 2010 Annual Conference and TechniFair university students were given an opportunity to come to COE and present their research through a student poster session. Attached is a link to one of this year’s submissions for Paul DeWys from Ferris State University.


    1) For the best viewing experience, turn the video resolution on the youtube video up to 720 and full scree the video, it drastically improves video / audio quality.

    2) Please realize that the original video is about 10 min and 30 seconds in length, but due to youtube's time limit, I have to speed it up to 10 min flat, thus if the audio sounds a bit choppy at points, that is why.

    Amy Biedenharn
    COE Headquarters
    Paul Dewys
    [Ferris State University]
    Amy, Thanks for throwing everyone's projects up here.

    Enjoy guys and feel free to hit me with any questions / feedback you have on my project.
    Mike René
    [Ecole De Technologie Supérieur]
    Nice project you did there Paul, congratulation!
    Paul Dewys
    [Ferris State University]
    Right back at you, your project was great as well. How are things in the great white (prob mostly green this time of year I suppose) north?

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