Newb question abour Delmia.

Daniel Mickey

Newb question abour Delmia.

I'm a catia student and I'd like to know more about delmia and DPM.  Right now all I know about delmia is that it looks REALLY interesting  :-)

Is delmia an add-on to catia?  My student version of catia has the Digital Process for Manufacturing but doesn't have the list of workbenches thats shown on a delmia tutorial that I wanted to work through.

Is there a delmia-student version available?  

Maybe I have it and it's just not turned on somehow...?

Thanks for any assistance!!


Samad Azimi

RE: Newb question abour Delmia.
(in response to Daniel Mickey)


Delmia is a seperate software very similar to Catia.

One of the main application of delmia is robotic simulation.