Free CATIA tutorials for university students

Dickson Sham

Free CATIA tutorials for university students

Starting from 2006,  i worked with a local university to develop a series of CATIA tutorials for students. Students can finish the tutorials in class or after class, with very little guidance. Experience proves that this kind of format is more interesting to students, than learning commands one by one. If they want to learn more about a command, they can read the online help and help themselves. Every time we can conduct a class with over 60 students, with 1 instructor.

WrittenTutorial Pdfs
(Tutorial1 - Catia fundamental)
(Tutorial2 - 2d to 3d)
(Tutorial3 - Design with Analysis)
(Tutorial4 - Freeform Surface)
(Tutorial5 - 2d to 3d)
(Tutorial6 - Concept Design to Detailed Design)
(NEW release - Tutorial 8 (Audi R8)

Dave Frank

RE: Free CATIA tutorials for university students
(in response to Dickson Sham)
Hi Dickson,

I just downloaded the first one and breezed thru it, and I must say, this is really good stuff. Since I am in manufacturing, but must to a lot of design also, I am sure these documents will help me.

A colossal thanks, for sharing your knowledge,

Best Regards