Jul 21

    CATIA V5R21 new license DSLS

    Xavier Klein
    I have just setup CATIA V5R21  ( for fun )
    try to start Catia  => no license server found !
    R21 support now the new DSLS server , but by default do not recognize LUM server anymore ....
    to ba able to use my LUM server , I have to add system variable
    Variable NameSLICENSING
    Variable Value: LEGACY
    (I have found this information with Google , but I do not succeed to find it with V5R21 doc ! )
    Roger Bombassei
    [Zero Tolerance CADCAM]
    The DSLICENSING=LEGACY system variable messed my LUM up too
    I couldn't use my R20 anymore until I set that either.
    Dave King
    [Organization Members]
    The only way I knew to use it was because I read it here. Granted, I don't read everything like I probably should when it comes to a new version, but I didn't see anything about adding that variable when I was installing R21. Is it spelled out somewhere that I should have looked?
    Nicolas Denis
    If I remember correctly I found the information in an installation pdf located in the R21 program directory package
    Dave King
    [Organization Members]
    I probably should start reading that better. I just always want to get it installed and take for granted it will be the same.
    David Summerscales
    it's all in the program directory.. i have already noted what needs to be done in a previous thread
    Roger Bombassei
    [Zero Tolerance CADCAM]
    It might have been more friendly if a message popped up saying something like "Warning, if you continue this instalation you will need to add an environmental veriable. Otherwise your system will not work anymore!!! See the program directory for more info."

    I am having the same license issue I had when installing R21. I had fixed it using the system variable. But now I can't find the license again.
    I don't know if this is from installing R21.

    Anyway, I finally looked at the program directory and see that using this system variable fix is not the desired method of using R21. I suggest anyone using this variable, read the info in the program directory. It recommends getting new licenses. Since I'm blown out of the water I am just going to go ahead and get the new license.
    Samarinder Singh
    [Organization Members]
    I am using all 3 releases R20, R19, R21. And thanks to Dave Summ for posting this variable in the other topic.

    If want to use multiple versions, then it would be better if you keep one enviorment file for each release and then just add this new variable to R21 -env file. And I keep all my Catia variables in -env file. In other words, every release gets its own system variables.
    Roger Bombassei
    [Zero Tolerance CADCAM]
    Thanks Samarinder. I am running all three releases as well. And I have had as many as 5 releases going.
    I never had a problem until I went to R21. Maybe I should search the newsgroups for a debugged license. lol

    I will read up about keeping separtate environments. I have a call in to my VAR and I will be getting a new license no mater what because I am changing servers.

    This is what I read in the program directory that is confusing me about licenses. Maybe I am reading it wrong but I thought it says everyone should change licenses.

    DSLS prerequisite
    DSLS becomes a V5R21 prerequisite for all new customers.

    For customers already working with previous V5 versions, IBM LUM 4 license server will be able to serve V5R21 processes but will be out of support on December 31, 2013.
    Customer is then allowed to choose either to use LUM server and then switch to DSLS server, or to immediately switch to DSLS server while deploying V5R21 (recommended).
    Administrator has to set the following environnement variable on client computers in order to activate old LUM licensing mode:
    This mode will be removed in next V5 release.

    DSLS license keys are not compatible with IBM LUM license keys: new licenses should be obtained in order to run V5R21 with DSLS.
    When requesting new license keys or renewing previous licenses, customers will have to indicate if DSLS OR LUM license keys have to be generated.
    The total number of keys (DSLS+LUM) cannot be greater than the entitled key number.
    Roger Bombassei
    [Zero Tolerance CADCAM]
    I got my system going again. All I did was start up the environment editor. Clicked on the R20 line. Clicked yes to the question about editing the environment.
    I admit that I don't know everything. I'm learning a little more everyday tho.
    Samarinder Singh
    [Organization Members]
    I don't know everything either and I learn new things in Catia using COE forums.
    I am thinking about usung DSLS on my new computer but I am not sure if new licensing will work with older releases.
    Roger Bombassei
    [Zero Tolerance CADCAM]
    I will see what my VAR has to say
    David Summerscales
    it won't work with older versions
    Roger Bombassei
    [Zero Tolerance CADCAM]
    In that case, I will retire before it's safe to switch from the IBM license to Dassault's
    I haven't talked to my VAR yet but I wouldn't be surprised if he's never heard of DSLS.
    Roger Bombassei
    [Zero Tolerance CADCAM]
    My VAR wants me to stick with LUM so that is what I will do.
    Paul Van Der Zande
    [Aitac B.V.]

    I have a question. On V6 the DSLS has following 'features' that are completely different from LUM:
    a) when a license is used by a user ('NamedUser' license it is called) it can NOT be used by ay other user unless the first user does/did not use it for 2 months (then the license can be released and assigned/used by other user). ===> Same in V5R21 ????

    b) licenses that are enrolled get a "RepGroupIndex" , you must enroll all in correct order as received (historically) and doc says only license with highest epGroupIndex is active. So it looks like you only have access to the last enrolled license for configuration/product XXX (no accumulation over time of licenses).

    All in all LUM - concurrent was much more user/administrator/client friendly. And the 'V6 NamedUser' license is absurd. Forget about sharing licenses, working in shifts using same license, etc !

    Please let me know experiences you have.

    Graeme Walker
    This has been a huge issue at COE and discussed extensively. There is major pushback on going to V6 because of the 'named user' scenario. We are used to using licenses between shifts and offlining to laptops, neither of these are available with DSLS and V6. I understood the 'named user' lock is one year, not two months. DSLS and V5 should perform the same as LUM.

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