Bryan Carpio Felsher

It's really frustrating that the user representation for a tool is just a "visual aid." I need to actually "compute" based on the tool. It is a 3/4 dia. with 1" radius at end and .12 radius on corners. This tool must be used to cut a concave surfaced floor as well as closed angles while tangent to this floor. Even APT was capable of driving an APT cutter statement.

How can I do this in Catia without having to create TONS of geometry and lie to the system?

Heck, Mastercam, UG, and NCL can actually DRIVE and COMPUTE from the user representations but Catia can't??? This is a MAJOR weakness.

Yes, it can be done...but it requires TONS of geometry creation (offset check surfaces, curves, planes, untrimmed floors, etc...) that should not be required if it could at least just drive the old standard APT cutter matrix.