Clement Emerson Antony, Project Leader
    [Triad Software Private Ltd.]

    Do we need to install ENOVIA Server(PLM Express) and DSLS in the same machine? If No, how can we configure ENOVIA with the DSLS in some other server?




    Jonathan Scott
    [Razorleaf Corp.]

    You need an entry on the ENOVIA server that points to the DSLS server. This is done with a file named DSLicSrv.txt placed in this directory (you will probably need to create the directories):



    The content of DSLicSrv.txt should be:


    <hostname of DSLS server>:<DSLS port>

    In the case where your DSLS server is named TRIAD and you accepted the default port for DSLS, it would look like:



    This single line is all you need in the file, saved in the location above. Note that the location names need to match exactly.


    Good luck!



    Jonathan Scott

    Razorleaf Corporation

    330-676-0022 x7133

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