Xavier Klein



with migration from CATIA V5R20 to V5-6-2014

i have get trouble on Macro with unsupported MSCOMCTL.OCX on 64 bit !!!!

=> many code line should have been modified :-(

i have just fom on a DS Forum information about CAT_VBAIsOutProc

"It is a known issue on Microsoft side and we have the following variable to go back in 32bits mode: CAT_VBAIsOutProc"

it is a bit too late for me ,

but i would like to know if anybody try to use it ?????


Little Cthulhu

(in response to Xavier Klein)

Many thanks for sharing such precious info!

I've added CAT_VBAIsOutProc=1 to CATIA environment and it worked just as expected - all VBA macros become hosted in CATVBAHostingApplication.exe, which is a separate 32-bit process, thus allowing to use 32-bit ActiveX components.

Actually, DS had this mode back in R22, I don't know why they defaulted to x64 VBA hosted by CNEXT.exe in later releases. Good to know we are still able to run our 32-bit macro.

Thanks again, Xavier.

Xavier Klein

(in response to Little Cthulhu)

glad to know , that it was a usefull post

espacially when reply come from a COE legend like Little Cthulhu