Nodes Customization

Joseph Crouch

Nodes Customization

Looking for the 3DEX replacement for V5's "Nodes Customization".

Essentially, looking to be able to modify what I see in my Product Spec Tree (PN | Instance Name | Desc | etc...)


Kevin Arnold

RE: Nodes Customization
(in response to Joseph Crouch)


This is how I do it with VB, is this what your looking for?


Dim oPLMEntity As PLMEntity
oPLMEntity = myPart.Parent


Dim ActiveEditor As Editor
ActiveEditor = CATIA.ActiveEditor
Dim oProductService As PLMProductService
oProductService = ActiveEditor.GetService("PLMProductService")
Dim oVPMRootOcc As VPMRootOccurrence
oVPMRootOcc = oProductService.RootOccurrence
Dim oVPMRefOnRoot As VPMReference
oVPMRefOnRoot = oVPMRootOcc.ReferenceRootOccurrenceOf

oVPMRepRef = oPLMEntity

'if Root name = Part Name change both
If oPLMEntity.GetAttributeValue("V_Name") = oVPMRefOnRoot.GetAttributeValue("V_Name") Then
oVPMRefOnRoot.SetAttributeValue("V_Name", tbNewName.Text)
End If

oPLMEntity.SetAttributeValue("V_Name", tbNewName.Text)
oVPMRepRef.Father.SetAttributeValue("V_Name", tbNewName.Text)

oPLMEntity.SetAttributeValue("V_description", tbDesc.Text)
oVPMRepRef.Father.SetAttributeValue("V_description", tbDesc.Text)

Samarinder Singh

RE: Nodes Customization
(in response to Joseph Crouch)

Hello Joseph,

Some of your recently posted questions are answered inside the code I left at Bell.

Samarinder Singh

Eric Neuville

RE: Nodes Customization
(in response to Joseph Crouch)

it took me some time to find it but in Preferences, Content Acces, Attributes you can customize for each type, what is visible in the spec tree... its nice to be able to bring some (hidden) attributs in plain sight...