datasetup ?

Eric Neuville

datasetup ?

Does anybody knows what are the requirement for a 3DX user to access DataSetup App?

Any lic required (I have KDI) ???
Any tune up with P&O???

Thanks for your help

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Eric Neuville[Techso] @ Nov 23, 2018 - 06:12 PM (America/Eastern)

Scott Pokriefka

RE: datasetup ?
(in response to Eric Neuville)

Hi Eric,

The User needs to have Owner privileges on the the Collaborative Space that you will be running the app in.



Eric Neuville

RE: datasetup ?
(in response to Scott Pokriefka)

yep...Thanks for the information.

With Owner I can do DataSetup, with Leader I can Export / Import ... 

Sometimes I switch Roles, but most often I have several clients opened at the same time...