3dx data modelpdf file

Eric Neuville

3dx data modelpdf file


I've seen a PDF file in the 3DX help about data model (VPMReference, VPMInstances and Occurrences...) it is a very nice file about a skateboard.

Can't find it anymore... Anybody knows what to search in 3DX help to find it?




Mike Berry

RE: 3dx data modelpdf file
(in response to Eric Neuville)

Hi Eric - I like that example as well because it is a great explanation.  See the attached picture showing where it is in the automation help chm file...



  • skateboard_sample.jpg (383.1k)

Eric Neuville

RE: 3dx data modelpdf file
(in response to Mike Berry)

Thanks! This is a chm version

Is a pdf available somewhere?