Incident report in 3DExperience

Joe Nitnelav

Incident report in 3DExperience


does anybody knows why I sometimes get message of "Incident report" in 3DExperience when I want to save my work? In  attachment you will find picture of the problem.


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John L. Kilcrease

RE: Incident report in 3DExperience
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Hi Joe,

I notice in the image titled "Incident report" that Plaform is the word after 3DEXPERIENCE. Some kind of error there with spelling on the DS side. 

With regards to the issue, I have had a lot of luck troubleshooting issues with our supplier. I do not know if for you it is Inceptra, but if it is, send to Support Team <[login to unmask email]> the screen image, be sure to denote the version you are on 2015x or 2018x, etc. the OP system and all that you can, including type of file. They may ask you to send it. But first get the image to them.

In addition, I have been able to help myslelf, as have others in our organization with the use of the following:

Go to and choose 2015x “on Premises” or what system you are on.

Access to the DS (Dassault Systèmes) Support Knowledge Base is made with your 3DX login.

It is the database where users and support experts field and answer topics and provide solutions.

And you can supply your question to be fielded.

Joe Nitnelav

RE: Incident report in 3DExperience
(in response to John L. Kilcrease)

Hi John,

 thanks for your reply I will try to find my answer in DS Support Knowledge Base.

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