Model Based Definition Implementation

Drew R Sandlin

Model Based Definition Implementation

I have been tasked with trying to get our company to start using model based definition. I have several questions about the nuts and bolts of how this might work. A little background on our situation:

  1. We design in CATIA V6R2013x. For our shop to consume design data we make V5R20 flat files.
  2. We are a custom fabrication shop. Most parts are unique and are usually only made once or twice.
  3. We currently make large format drawings with detail, sub-assembly, and final assembly views all on one sheet.
  4. Most folks in our fabrication shop have access to a computer that runs CATIA V5R20 or our inspection software (New River Kinematics SA) which can read V5R20, STP, or IGS files.
  5. We do business with several external vendors, generally we’ll send them individual parts or sub-assemblies and then our shop will complete final assembly.

I have some questions about the nuts and bolts of implementation:

  1. I have been able to export an AP242 ed1 STP file from CATIA V6R2013x and reimport it into CATIA V6R2013x with the annotations, but I can’t get the annotations to show up in V5R20. Is this because V5R20 only supports up to AP214 STP file? Does anyone know what SolidWorks requires to import annotations?
  2. Making a downward compatibility V5R20 file from a CATIA V6R2013x file with annotations does give you the annotations, but they are “dumb”. Any way to make them not dumb?
  3. How do you guys handle annotations at an assembly level? For example, if you have a plate with a bushing in it and you want to ensure perpendicularity of the bushing axis to the plate face. The functional relationship is between two parts in the assembly, but in V6R2013x there doesn’t seem to be a good way to add annotations to a product.

I’m also fishing for any dos or don’ts of implementing model based definition. What does the nuts and bolts of your system look like?

Satpaul Sooriya

RE: Model Based Definition Implementation
(in response to Drew R Sandlin)

We are also taking a look into Fasteners (HnF (Holes & Fasteners) Nuts & Bolts) functionality and Trade Studies for business proposals development.