Loading batch and other automations

Ludovic WAGNER

Loading batch and other automations



I'm developping VBA scripts (CATIA V5 R27) to:

- load several DMU and assemblies (one document per DMU / assembly in the same CATIA session).

- perform miscellaneous operations (views import, etc.)

- automate third-party apps (via Windows API, UI Automation, Internet Explorer)


Everything has worked quite well so far, but I encountered the following issues:

- pop-ups such as "Spatial Query Warning" interrupt the script and requires the user to interact (I'm thinking about launching VBScript concurrently to get rid of such dialog boxes). How can I prevent a dialog box (with no inputs) to be displayed?

- some DMU and assemblies take ages to load, reconciliate or even activate terminal nodes. It is possible to safely interrupt a command if a timer exceeds a limit?

- it is possible to keep working on one document (even without using VBA script) while some other DMU / assemblies are being loaded?


I would appreaciate any help on these primarly issues.


Sincerely yours,