Product Move Transformation Array

Abhishek Punia

Product Move Transformation Array

Hello fellow community members,


I am having some trouble understanding the transformation array that I obtain after rotating a product around its z-axis.


The z-axis of the product is inclined at 40 degrees to the absolute z-axis. The location of the product is at

x = 485mm

y = 100mm

z = 640mm

as per the measure tool, in relation to the assembly origin. Now when I record the macro and use the "Translation or Rotation" tool in the DMU Navigator workbench to rotate my product by lets say -20 degrees around its own z-axis, I get the matrix as shown below:

Dim arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(11)
arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(0) = 0.96461
arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(1) = -0.262003
arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(2) = 0.029696
arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(3) = 0.262003
arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(4) = 0.939693
arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(5) = -0.219846
arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(6) = 0.029696
arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(7) = 0.219846
arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(8) = 0.975082
arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(9) = -28.041375
arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(10) = -7.599625
arrayOfVariantOfDouble1(11) = 23.529507


As per my understanding, the last 3 values represent the translation vector. However, what I cannot understand is how these values came about. Shouldn't the above matrix give a translation vector of 0,0,0 as I only rotated it around its local z-axis and didn't translate it?

Best regards,