Reference/Instance Reservations - Prevent Instance Location Modifications

Stephen Drexler

Reference/Instance Reservations - Prevent Instance Location Modifications

3DX 2018x:

I am trying to prevent the modification of the location of child objects within a root product, even though the root product is reserved. For some reason, 3DX does not consider the change of an instance's position within a product as a 'modification'. Even though I may have a product's reference reserved to myself, other users are able to move my child components around and save the changes unless I have the instance of every child component reserved. This makes no sense to me and managing the reservation of every component's instance in a product with 500+ child components is a nightmare.

Am I missing something? Is there not an easier way to lock down the position of components in a root product without managing them instance-by-instance? Inherently, I would think reserving the reference of a root product should include the prevention of moving the components within the product, but apparently not.

The user-guide for this is misleading the section regarding Reserving and Unreserving have numerous errors in them. The program does not function as described in the user guides.

Surely there is an easier way...right?