Declared & Computed Weights & Material Reported in BOM

Stephen Drexler

Declared & Computed Weights & Material Reported in BOM

Has anyone figured out how to have a mixture of Declared and Computed weights report to a BOM in a drawing?

We are running 2018x, and as far as we can tell, you only have the option of either reporting all Declared or all Computed weights to a BOM, not a mixture depending on the weight definition of the respective components.

Using a computed weight from an assigned material makes sense for build parts, however, for industry standard hardware, COTS parts, and vendor components with spec driven weights, we would like to use Declared weights that report to the BOM in lieu of using a generic material or density to determine the Computed weight.

Additionally, we are trying to use the name of the material applied to parts as a reported property in the BOM for our build parts, and with the current setup, this also means the generic and density materials applied to the standard & COTS parts are reporting as well which is not desired.

Ultimately, we are trying to reduce the amount of manual input by the users to reduce errors. We have explored having manual user populated attributes in the properties of components that report to the BOM, but it just leads to far too many typos and errors.

Is anyone else using the BOM tool in a similar way?

Any suggestions to accomplish the same end result but maybe using a different method?