Spherical joint controll in 3 axes

Joe Nitnelav

Spherical joint controll in 3 axes

Hi guys,

is it possible to have in CATIA spherical joint that can be controlled in 3 axes?

Similar parts I have like tutorial in documentation Spherical joint doc 19

Usually I am doing spherical joint by centre points of socket and ball and after I make revolute joint which gives me one rotation around one of the axes if I add one or two more revolute commands to control rotation in rest axes I can't start mechanism, I understand why this happens. The thing that confuse me when I use compass to rotate part I do this without problems but when I need more commands to control rotation of spherical joints I am unable to do this?

Is the thing that this is not possible to have in CATIA to rotate spherical joint in all 3 axes with controlled values only with compass?