KIN macro

Victor Avila

KIN macro

Hello all

I have a question, as I am trying to set up in place a vector extracted from Matlab in a revolute joint to move it through kinematics through a macro, as I would to do it thousands of times.

I have a txt file, with the structure demanded as per the laws, so I would like to replicate the behaviour of CATIA as follows:

1. Click on Applications/Mechanism/Command

2. Option --> Import law 

3. Pass on the path of the file that contains the law.

Do you have any template or something?

I don't mind if I had to import the txt and send the commands through the instruction PutCommandValues. BTW, is it possible to set an array (my law txt files has two columns time and angle) with PutCommandValues or PutCommandValuesWithMultiSteps?




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Victor Avila

RE: KIN macro
(in response to Victor Avila)

In the previous post, I have included a sample of the catproduct where I need to import the command, and a picture to show in the tree where to click on.