"Nothing" object in python

Shawn Lang

"Nothing" object in python

Hi all

I'm studying on automation code in Python. Now I have a problem.

In VBA environment, if some of the parameters of a method we don't need to set, we can write "Nothing", for example, when we create a sphere, we can write like:

Set mySphere = hsf.AddNewSphere(ctrPt, Nothing, 10, -45, 45, 0, 180)

However in python, there is no keyword called "Nothing", I tried to use "None", or CreateReferenceFromName(""), but none of them worked.

Anyone has other idea to solve this problem?


Little Cthulhu

RE: "Nothing" object in python
(in response to Shawn Lang)

Seems like pywin32 has special PyOleNothing type.